Lavender Body Butter 2.5 oz

Lavender Body Butter 2.5 oz

Whipped to a light and fluffy consistency, our body butters are perfect for all skin types and a favorite item among our customers! No preservatives added and vegan friendly!
Our lavender body butter is scented with lavender essential oil and made using a variety of skin-soothing oils and refined shea butter for a silky experience. 

  • Storage and Use

    Store in a cool space such as a cupboard or medicine cabinet. May melt if left in a vehicle for an extended period of time, especially in summertime. 

    A little goes a long way so you may not need as much as you think! To use, apply a small amount on clean skin. Let it sit on the skin for several seconds to heat up and rub in just like a lotion. Best applied right after a bath or shower, but anytime will do. Apply again if needed.  

    Hot tip: if applying right after a bath or shower, leave moisture on your skin and then apply the body butter. This can make it easier to apply, but we find it soaks in as you dry as well!